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Does Someone Else Have the Deed to Your Website’s House?

When’s the last time you talked to your web or marketing guy!?

Been a while? 

Remember those passwords? 

Know who set up that account?

Could you do a website upgrade quickly if you wanted to?

Do you know what you’re getting for your web hosting spend?

A generator company owner should at the very least have access to some critical pieces of web infrastructure.

The three most important logins you should have saved are…


  1. Domain ownership

This is the deed to your website house. Don’t get stuck without it. It can hurt momentum if you do! You might have to change your website address!


So are you paying for it? 

Do you have the login details? 

Is it on GoDaddy? 

Some other platform? 

If not, who does pay for it? 

Can you get in contact with them?


  1. Primary ownership of Google Business Profile 

Not just manager status; have full control of your profile, info, media, and users.


  1. Other logins

Don’t get locked out of other channels by forgetting usernames & passwords:

Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Bing, Yelp, Angie’s List, Home Advisor


So dig up those old passwords, and get your technology squared away! 

Whatever you do in the future, you’ll be thankful that you did!